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      "Small are the slaves."

      ... The following list of Review Questions may be helpful to the instructor:

      "Then he ?un't fit to work on my land. I ?un't a charity house. I can't afford to kip a man wud no backbone and no wits. I've bin too kind as it isI shud have got shut of him afore he burnt my pl?ace to cinders."Reuben's last hope was now gonefor his family, at least. He was forced regretfully to the conclusion that he was not a successful family man. Whatever methods he tried with his children, severity or indulgence, he seemed bound to fail. He had had great expectations of David and William, brought up, metaphorically, on cakes and ale, and they had turned out as badly as Albert, RichardReuben still looked upon Richard as a failureTilly, or Caro, who had been brought up, literally, on cuffs and kicks.

      You'll find yourself quickly brought up by a Gate

      Preparatory to the Passing of Sentence


      "The whole of Boarzell," repeated Reuben.


      There was near the steps a small table with writing materials, at which the steward ought to have been seated, to write down the proceedings; but old Luke was not so quick of hearing, or perhaps of comprehension, as Calverley, and the esquire, therefore, took his place.